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Angular glasses are charactarized by sharp and unique lines, the popularity of which can be traced back to the original notoriously experimental 80's eyewear design.

Angular glasses can segnificantly vary in shape, and would can draw an accent towards different parts of the face. Often these styles are well suited for Round and Oval face shapes, however this would depend on the design of the glasses.



Aviator sunglasses feature oversize teardrop-shaped lenses and a thin metal frame. The design was introduced in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb for issue to U.S. military aviators,. As a fashion statement, aviator sunglasses are often made in mirrored, colored, and wrap-around styles.

In addition to pilots, Aviator-style sunglasses gained popularity with young people in the late 1960s and continue to be popular, with only a brief fall in demand during the 1990s.



Browline glasses are constructed from a combination of metal and either plastic or aluminium. The lenses of the glasses are fixed in metal frames which then insert into the plastic "brows", which are attached to the earpieces of the glasses. Traditionally the bridge of the flasse is metal and affixed to the metal portion of the frame surrounding the lenses. In more recent styles, the bridge is part of the plastic "brow" portion. Becoming popular in the 1950s, in the United States, the design becamea prominant staple style throughout the 1950s and the early 1960s. The name derives from the fact that the bold upper part of the frames frame the lenses in the same way that eyebrows frame the eyes. 

Cat Eye

Cat Eye

Characterised by the accentuated 'Tear-Drop'  shape, 'Cat Eye' style sunglasses mimic the organic shape of the eyes. Varied in shape and size, this style features defined elongated lines pulling the frame from the bottom upwards, to commonly meet pointy tip corners. 



Taking advantage of the new plasic moulding technoligy, the D-Frame style was first created in the 1950's and the revolurionary modern design was greeted with critical acclaim.

The term includes an arrey of acetate made frames, from square and rectangular to rounded styles.



Oversized sunglasses became unprecedently popular in the 1960s as a result of the much loved former First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, that has even coined an eyewear style titled 'Jackie O'. Available in rounded, squared and angular shapes, the dominant frames became an unprecedented icon symbolising contemporaty style. 



Defined elongated glasses, these are commonly short and wide. The frame can have a light 'nearly there' feel in its slim wire frame, or semi-frame variety. This contemporary shape is most prominant in optical eyewear design.
Best suited for round, heart shaped and oval face shapes



Round sunglasses are originally coined as 'Teashades'. These style glasses are made up of medium-sized, perfectly round lenses fitted in a slim wire frame, and combined with silicone nose pads. Becoming popular in the 60's, the 'Teashades' style has extended to include an elaborate variety of details. Including coloured lenses, sometimes mirrored, a range of sizes, and with the wire earpieces exaggerated. The style became iconic, mainly in association with pop artists such as John Lennon who used the unique glasses as a trademark. 



An elongated rounded style, that is prominantly more wide then it is tall. Oval glasses are available in a variety of shapes and size proportions. The soft lines can balance out angular face features, in particular in the square and rectangular face shapes.



Square glasses are easily identidies, due to their angular corners.

Best suited for round, rectangular, oval and some diamond face shapes.

Fitting Guide


The square face shape is characterised by its proportional width and length, with prominent straight lines that create an angular. The square face features a broad forehead, wide cheeks and a strong jaw line. 

When choosing glasses it is best to look for soft rounded frame features, especially in rectangular frames, counter balancing the angular features of a square face. Slim and delicate frames, and aviator style sunglasses are often best suited. Wide and high sitting frames, with top or mid-frame attached temples, can create the illusion of a longer and leaner face. To balance a strong jaw, it is best to try oval; round or ‘Butterfly’ shaped glasses, oversized glasses with strong details can also compliment the straight lines of this shape.

It is best to avoid accentuating facial angles with ‘Browline’ styles, angular, square and double bar detailing, which mirror the lines and features of the face. Additionally low set temples and coloured bottom part of the frame emphasise a heavy jaw line.


The round face is characterised by its near proportion in width and length, featuring full cheeks, rounded chin and a few angles.

When choosing glasses the main objective is to create an elongating illusion, which is best achieved with rectangular, narrow and angular shapes. Up-swept frames will give more definition and widen the eyes, or alternatively a clear bridge will also achieve the effect of widening eyes. When choosing sunglasses aviator shapes, as well as angular and square styles, are very well suited for the round face.  

It is best to avoid small frames that counter balance proportions, as well as round shaped glasses.


The heart face shape is characterised by a broad forehead, wide cheeks and a narrow chin.

When choosing glasses it is best to balance the facial features with frames that accentuate the bottom part of the face. Thin rectangular frames with a broad base, D-Frames, and feminine cat eyes help create the illusion of a wider jaw line which flatters the heart shaped face. Styles with low set temples, as well as oval glasses, can often flatter by accentuating the eyes.

It is best to avoid glasses that draw attention to the forehead, especially frames that are ‘heavy’ at the top, or decorative temples that add width to the eye line.


The rectangular face shape is characterised by its long and narrow contour, often accompanied with features such as a tall forehead, high cheekbones and a long nose. The rectangular face is commonly longer then it is wide, and has prominently angular features.

When choosing glasses it is advised to focus on softening facial angles and creating the illusion of a shorter face. To counter balance a long nose, look for a low set bridge that shortens the extended nose line. ‘Tall’ frames with accented top rims also achieve a shortening effect, whilst decorative temples widen the face and balance the proportions. Aviator, oval and some square shapes, in the correct proportions, also compliment the rectangular face.

It is best to avoid accentuating the face length with short and small frames that are out of proportion. 


The oval face shape is characterised by its balanced proportions and softly rounded features. The oval face shape is longer than it is wide, has high cheekbones and a rounded chin that is somewhat narrower then the forehead.

Majority of styles suit the oval face, however it is important to maintain the balance of the proportions by ensuring the width of glasses are at least as wide as the broadest part of the face.  Details such as accented rim tops and decorative temples, perfectly complements the oval face.

It is best to avoid small frames that are out of proportion with the facial dimension, as well as narrow glasses that accentuate face length.


Diamond face shapes are a rarity, characterised by a narrow forehead and eye-line, wide accentuated cheekbones and a narrow jaw line and chin.

When choosing glasses seek to emphasise the eyes and cheekbones, and draw attention up to the top of the face. This can be achieved with upswept and top heavy frames, such as cat eye styles, semi rimless and browline glasses or top rim detailing. Otherwise oval shapes can help maintain the balance of the face, and aviators, circular and some square frames often also flatter the diamond shape.

It is best to avoid narrow frames, which draw attention to the narrow eye line. 

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Available Colours


Graphic patterned 'Cat Eye' shaped sunglasses, with asymmetric lenses and a sweeping top frame curved line that meets a narrow nose bridge. Featuring chunky mid-frame attached temples. The glasses are finished with the ‘Jeremy Scott’ and ‘Linda Farrow Projects’ logos, printed on the inverted side of the temple.

20-18-100. The width of this frame is adjustable.
Fitted with nylon lenses, finished with hard coating offering 100% UV protection. Lens may appear discoloured in the image due to strong lighting.
Acetate frame, combined with frame incorporated laminated nose pads.
Accompanied with a cream case, with the 'Linda Farrow Gallery' logo printed in gold. Packaged in a cream & taupe coloured thick card gift box.
Additional Information
Best suited for women
Made in China

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